Dog flu and you: what you need to know

Can you catch dog flu from your dog?

With recent outbreak of a rare strain of canine influenza virus (CIV) in Chicago, animal guardians are left asking if they may catch the flu from their canine companions. The answer is a resounding no. Although viruses of this class have been known to mutate and cross species lines over time as they adopt evolutionarily,… [Read more]

How to reduce your pet’s summertime anxiety

Summer fireworks and thunderstorms can be frightening to pets

With summer here and the 4th of July around the corner, this is certainly a very festive time for families across America; however, with the warmer months and holiday times, also come the sounds and noises of thunderstorms and fireworks that sometimes may petrify our feline and canine companions. Anxious behaviors may include restlessness, panting,… [Read more]

What you need to know about canine distemper

One of the oldest canine viral diseases that still may affect dogs and cats is the canine virus, distemper. While infection with this virus is rare in most canine populations, clinical infectious disease may still be quite severe in certain ages and populations of susceptible pets. In many cases this is because of the persistence… [Read more]

Is dry or canned food best for your pet?

A common question that veterinarians often get regarding dog or cat diets is whether dry or canned food is preferred. Unfortunately, as with medical doctors, training on species-appropriate nutrition is sadly lacking in veterinary medical school educations, as most of us receive a basic 2-hour course in nutrition during our third year of veterinary school,… [Read more]