Caution! Read this before giving aspirin to your dog

Inappropriate use of aspirin may lead to unwanted side-effects

Veterinarians are often asked whether it is safe to administer aspirin or similar non-steroidal anti- inflammatory (NSAID) agents like Tylenol to dogs, in order to alleviate pain and inflammation. While the accurate answer will vary (depending on the clinical situation, life history of the patient, including medical history, current drugs/allergies, etc.) for the most part… [Read more]

Could your pet benefit from probiotics?

The use of probiotics is gaining wider acceptance

One of the biggest areas of nutritional supplementation that is gaining wider acceptance by even the most conservative and conventional veterinarians and MDs is the addition of probiotics to various treatment protocols. Both probiotics and prebiotics contain various digestive and health promoting intestinal aids, as well as several healthy strains of bacteria that help populate… [Read more]