5 moving tips for pet parents


Moving into a new home or to a new town can be exhilarating, and unfortunately, very stressful. Packing boxes and moving furniture can be hard not only  on you, but it can be hard on your pet as well. Strangers in your home and moving equipment can make your pet anxious. Plus, the transition to… [Read more]

How do dog pheromone products work?

Pheromones are scents secreted by your dog that help transmit information to other dogs

Have you ever seen those plug-in diffusers such as Comfort Zone that are supposed to keep your dog calm and wondered how they work? Just what are pheromones, anyway? Pheromones are scents secreted by your dog that help your dog transmit information to other dogs, a sort of scent-based “text message” from your dog. Pheromones are… [Read more]