Tips to finding a reliable pet sitter

It’s hard to leave your pet at home. And sometimes it’s even harder to leave him or her at an kennel, no matter how the great the staff. If you have to leave your pet for either business or personal reasons, don’t you want someone that would treat your four-legged friend the same way you do?

Well, that’s the thought process behind pet sitters. Pet sitters are people that love animals just like you. They come to your home and walk, feed and play with your pet whenever your away, which means your pet stay in his or her home with familiar surroundings to reduce stress and anxiety. The only problem is, pet sitters can cost a pretty penny, $14-$60 a day depending how much time is needed. Plus, since they come to your house, you of course want someone trustworthy.

Luckily, there are a few ways to find a reliable pet sitter. One of the best ways to find a pet sitter is by referral. Ask your friends if they have ever used a pet sitting service and contact the person they used. Another good place to look is around your neighborhood. The next time you take your pet for a walk and you see a fellow pet parent, ask them if they have used a pet service. In addition, websites such as, Angie’s list, or Pet Sitters International, are also a great place to find the perfect pet sitter.

It’s always recommended to interview a few people to see which person bonds the best with your pet. You can start with a phone interview and ask if your potential sitter is bonded, insured and certified by a professional organization. Also, ask for a referral. Lastly, invite the sitter to your home to play with your pet. You would hate to leave town and find out your pet sitter and your pet aren’t quite comfortable with each other. Besides, the main point of a sitter is to keep your pet relaxed and happy, so a first meeting is important.

Once you get ready to hit the road, make sure your pet’s food, leash and toys are out in one place and easy to find by your pet sitter. You may even want to leave a pet first aid kit out just in case. Also, let your pet sitter know exactly what you expect like how many walks your pet takes, how many cups of food your pet gets, and just when your pet usually goes outside. You can even ask him or her to stay at your home so your pet never gets lonely. Having as much information as possible will help your pet sitter take the utmost care your pet deserves.

March 2-8 is Professional Pet Sitter’s Week! Therefore, we are tipping our hat to all the loving and responsible pet sitters out there. Do you have a pet sitter you just absolutely love? Tell us about him/her.