Human foods for Fido

Take-pet-care-precautions-throughout-the-holiday-season-to-ensure-that-pets-are-kept-healthy-and-safe-_16000425_800898795_0_0_14069543_300In most instances, you should refrain from feeding your pooch “people” food as this type of diet isn’t suitable for most dogs. Although pups should typically stay on a diet of pet food – whether kibble, wet food or raw varieties – there are a few human snacks that are OK to feed to your dog. The Bark Magazine recently broke down what type of fare offers Fido a change in taste, while also adding to his balanced diet.


Bananas are great for both humans and dogs as they are high in potassium, which helps support muscle strength and blood vessel function, the news outlet reports. The fruit also contains fiber to help keep the dog regular and vitamins B6 and C that help to keep the cells in your dog’s body fully functioning. Mix in a banana with your dog’s pet food to see if he is feeling the new taste.

Sweet potato

You’ve probably heard about some of the benefits of eating this potato variety, as the vegetable is chock full of nutrients including vitamin C and carotenoids. You may not know that sweet potatoes also contain copper, iron and manganese, which are all essential minerals that help in cell function. Try boiling or baking a few of these sweet treats and then mashing them up into your dog’s dinner for a bonus snack.


Yogurt has continued to grow in popularity among people and the benefits of eating this creamy food also help dogs. Yogurt contains active cultures, or probiotics, that help to ward off bad bacteria from growing in the body. It also contains protein, calcium, zinc and iodine that help to improve stomach function.


Fish like salmon are full of omega-3 fatty acids and these acids are great for many parts of a dog’s body. Omega-3s help improve the health of coat and skin as well as keep a pup’s brain, eyes and joints working their best. Salmon is also great for dogs as it is a lean protein source. Feel free to offer Fido a bit of the salmon steaks you’re grilling for yourself to offer him a tasty dinner with benefits.

Other healthy human foods to offer your pooch alongside his regular meals include blueberries, rosemary and swiss chard. All contain essential vitamins and nutrients that will help keep your dog in good shape as he ages.