Common injuries when roughhousing with your dog

Do you ever roughhouse with your dog? If you’re like most pet parents, the answer is “Yes.” Tug-o-war, fetch, and wrestling around on the floor are some of the most common games to play with your dog, but they are also easy ways for your pet to get hurt. Even though you don’t mean to, your dog can easily be injured during a play session. Find out how.

Dental damage: Your dog may love to chew on rope and make you grab it, but if you have a pup under the age of one, you may keep this game on hold. The jaws of puppies and younger dogs aren’t fully developed enough to handle such pulling. It’s best to wait until your pet’s teeth are strong before a rigorous game of tugging gets underway.  Start your puppy’s dental care regimen off right and ensure strong adult teeth with regular brushings.

Toenail losses: Jumping, running and playing around can hurt your pet’s paws and mostly toenails. If your pet’s toenail gets snagged on your rug or carpeting, it could result in loss of a nail, which is very painful. Make sure to keep your dog’s toenails trimmed and short to prevent this from happening.

Joint pain: Older dogs that suffer from arthritis may be in pain after roughhousing with you. It doesn’t take much for your pet to display signs of hip or joint injuries after playtime. If you notice your pet having a hard time walking, jumping or getting up, you may be playing too hard. Limit the time you play with your senior pup and give him or her joint supplements to help ease joint symptoms.

Scrapes: Your dog can easily be scraped up if you are playing with him or her outside or in an area in your home that’s not really recommended for playtime. Try to find a place in your home away from places like furniture corners. If you are outside, check the ground for sharp objects and even overgrown root systems that your pet may trip over. It’s also a good idea to keep a pet first aid kit with you for minor injuries.

Eye injuries: Another easy way for your pet to get hurt is an eye injury. Accidentally poking your pet in the eye is very common when roughhousing. Be sure to keep sharp objects out of your hands and away from your pet while you play around.

Puppies, young dogs and adult dogs all love to play around. Playing with you may just be the highlight of your pet’s day. So, just make sure to keep your pet safe when playtime rolls around.