A Review of the Potential Side Effects of Trifexis

Trifexis is a once a month chewable oral medication for dogs used to treat and prevent flea infestations, protect against heartworms and to treat and prevent hookworm, roundworm, and whipworm infections. Many pet guardians appreciate the convenience of a medication that combines such comprehensive protection all in one convenient tablet. However, you may have heard about potential side effects and wonder if Trifexis is right for your dog.

Trifexis is a combination of two medications: spinosad to treat and control fleas, and milbemycin oxime to treat and control worms. As with any medication, it is important to review the potential side effects before purchasing it for your pet.

Possible side effects of Trifexis include: vomiting, itching, lethargy, diarrhea, decreased appetite, rash, and reddening of the ears and/or skin. If your dog is already infected with worms, the manufacturer does warn that your dog may have an increased risk of experiencing side effects such as labored breathing and salivation in addition to the side effects listed above after administration of Trifexis.

In clinical trials vomiting was the most common side effect. The manufacturer suggests that you observe your dog an hour after taking a dose to watch for this. If your dog does vomit within 1 hour of taking the dose, the manufacturer recommends that another dose should be given. It is recommended that Trifexis be given with food because this makes it more palatable and can reduce the incidence of vomiting. If side effects from Trifexis become problematic for your dog, it is advisable to consult your veterinarian. In addition the manufacturer directs customers to report adverse drug reactions to Elanco Animal Health at 1-888-545-5973 or to the FDA 1-888-FDA-VETS, or to the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Because every dog is different, it is impossible to know what, if any, side effects your dog may experience. Therefore, it is important to talk to your veterinarian to determine if the benefits outweigh the risks before starting Trifexis.