Can your pet help you find love this Valentine’s Day?

For singles, Valentine’s Day can be a little lonely. However, your pet may actually be able to help you find love in ways you may have never considered before. If you are looking for love or a new friendship this Valentine’s Day, consider these four ways to help you meet new people.

Dog park courtship: If you are a dog parent, going to the dog park is one of the best ways to meet new people. There are many commonalities between dog lovers. You have dogs of course, but you also want the best for your pet. When dogs start to play with each other, it opens up an easy way to get to know others. Try talking to the next pet parent your dog plays with, it may be the highlight of your day.

Keep moving: When you take your pet on a daily walk, it not only helps keep you and your pet in shape, it also keeps you visible in your community. Also, when pets meet, sometimes they like to stop and say “hi”, which is the perfect time for you to also spark a conversation. So grab your leash and get moving.

Joining in: Consider joining a pet community. Groups such as actually offer a Pet & Animals Meetup Group.  If you are unfamiliar with, it’s an online portal for individuals with similar interests to find groups in their area. Some of these groups are breed-specific, so you may also find people with the exact same pet interests!  Many times these groups get together for pet play dates or jogging/walking with your pet.

Donate some time: Lastly, donating your time to a local pet shelter can also help you meet new people. You know how important your pet is to you, so why not help a proud pet parent take home their perfect pet. Volunteering at a pet shelter can be so rewarding, and pet shelters always need help. There are many things that need being done at pet shelters, and not only will you get to know the staff, but you will also meet new people coming in to adopt. Look for your local pet shelter and ask them what they need.