The world’s first “furReality” show

Love reality television shows? If you’re a pet lover, you’re in luck! The world’s first “furReality” show just launched on Fur Life Living last week. Created by Francyne Ellison, the show “gives animal lovers a place to get cathartic relief from the stressors of daily life.”  Francyne opens her home to viewers and allows them to watch her cast of four-legged characters interact in real-time.

The show’s cast includes cats James Trevor (JT) who sleeps all day and comes out at night, and Betty Boop, “the huntress” said to have a big appetite–and a big attitude. The canine crew features Harvard the Australian Shepherd known as the protector, and Konga the Yorkie-Poo diva. Cameras are located throughout the house to allow viewers access to every angle in the home, catching the action from the pets’ point of view.

Want to tune in to this live-streaming online pet reality show? Ellison offers 24/7 access for a small monthly subscription fee, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to no-kill shelters. You can also sign up for their newsletter or follow the cast of furry characters on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

So far, we haven’t seen any ratings or reviews on the new show, but it seems like a great way for people who aren’t able to have a pet of their own to get a daily fix of furry antics. Or, you could watch one of the live-streaming kitten or puppy cams on the internet.