Helpful and fun smartphone apps for pet lovers

There are so many new tools available to help pet owners care for their pet. Smartphone applications (or “apps”) can be fun and exciting, but they can also be useful or educational. Below are some apps created to help pet owners on their adventure of raising a happy and healthy pet.

1. Pet First Aid

This easy to use app provides detailed information and videos to help pet owners manage health issues ranging from minor cuts to dehydration to choking and CPR. Detailed articles, videos, and illustrations are used to help pet owners get a better grasp of what is happening and understand how they can help. Some of the videos include muzzling, bandaging, CPR, and restraining your pet in order to better care for them. The app also offers a space to record medical information, such as health conditions and vaccination reminders. Looking through the reviews, it was shocking to find out that this app has actually saved lives! Keep in mind that this app is not meant to replace your veterinarian and that in an emergency you should always call your veterinarian’s office or a 24 hour emergency center to ensure that your pet receives prompt and proper treatment.

2. PetSnap

Are you tired of your pet always moving around in pictures? This app is a simple, fun way to take fantastic pictures where your pet is actually looking at the camera. How? Simple! This app has 32 different sounds to attract your pet’s attention. Some of the sounds available include the sound of a dog bark, cat meow, bell ring, duck quack, and foghorn. Other features include a review option, zoom, multiple image sizes, and the ability to style your photos with fun frames.

3. iKibble

Not all foods are good for your dog. Have you ever wondered if something was safe to give your dog? Using this app, it is easy to identify which foods your dog can eat safely and which might cause him harm. Foods can be checked by simply using the search function or you can browse by category or health rating. There are descriptions of the food including the general healthiness, advice on how much your pet can eat, how it can be prepared, and much more. The app allows you to mark your favorites so that it can be pulled up easily in the future.

4. Dog Tricks: Best of 101 Dog Tricks

Teaching your dog a new trick can be easy with this fun, interactive app. It provides pictures, videos, and concise instructions to take pet owners through each step of training a new trick. The eight tricks offered include down, sit, crawl, roll over, fetch, shake hands, hoop jump, and spin circles. The app allows you to record which tricks your pet has mastered and provides a surprise once each trick is completed.

5. Pets+

It can be difficult keeping track of all of your pet’s information, especially if you have more than one. Valuable pet information can be tracked and stored in this simple, easy to use app. It allows pet owners to store their pet’s basic information, veterinary appointments, vaccinations, allergies, medications, microchip number, and much more. The app also provides reminders for important events such as boarding, medication, grooming, and vet visits. Another interesting feature is the ability to track and plot your pet’s weight over time.

6. Cover Puppy

Is your puppy a prima donna? Here is their chance at the spotlight! Cover Puppy is a simple app that allows pet owners to give their beloved pet a moment of fame. Use a picture of your pet, add his or her name, and choose from a number of magazine covers and voilà! A few of the magazines willing to give your pet his 15 minutes of fame include Vanity Fur, The National Barker, and Bone Appetit.