Obey the yellow ribbon

Losing-a-pet-can-be-scary--and-it-s-important-that-owners-are-aware-of-all-of-their-options-_16000425_800904425_0_0_14062208_300A new trend is emerging among dog lovers and it has to do with the color yellow. Dogster Magazine reports the use of yellow ribbons on dog leashes has become more popular in recent years as a way to let others know the dog is either in training, has aggression issues or more. It’s mean to let other passersbys know “this dog needs space.” The tool may offer owners a more subtle way to provide the dog with proper pet care while on walks.

The Yellow Dog campaign official website offers more information on the new trend. The site states “if you see a dog with a yellow ribbon or something yellow on the leash this is a dog who needs some space. Please do not approach this dog or its people with your dog. They are not indicating that their dog cannot be near other dogs. How close is too close? Only the dog or his people know, so maintain distance or give them time to move out of your way.”

Reasons for a yellow ribbon

There are a variety of reasons a dog may benefit from wearing the yellow ribbon on his or her leash, the magazine reports. For starters, the tool can be helpful for a dog who has a health issue such as arthritis or cancer to let people know the dog may be hurting and might not want to be touched. The cue can also be useful for dogs who were recently rescued and are still learning about socialization, or for new puppies or dogs that may be getting trained on how to properly walk on a leash or how to meet other people and animals.

The yellow ribbon may allow a dog and his owner to have a successful walk without getting stressed or anxious about having a pooch or people come up. It can also alleviate the uncomfortable conversation between owners such as “my dog doesn’t like other dogs,” or “my dog isn’t friendly to strangers.”

Possible downsides

Although the tool may be suitable for dogs during training or for ones who are timid due to past abuse or neglect, it’s important to remember to take it off once the dog is properly socialized, the news source reports. Some are fearful the cue may spark a growth in “bully breed” fear, or people having a fear against certain dogs because of the yellow ribbon. Others feel is a great tool for keeping all dogs and owners safer and more at peace during walks.